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Family Law


Chatswood Family Lawyers are ready to help you achieve an equitable resolution in the best interests of you and your family



Accredited Specialist Family Lawyers in Chatswood providing personal attention at affordable rates to assist you with your complex family law issues

Child Custody


Supportive counsel and aggressive court representation by the child custody lawyers at Chatswood Family Lawyers.


Melissa Neal

Melissa Neal

Paralegal, LLB

Damian Phair

Damian Phair

LLB, LLM, Accredited Specialist Family Law

Vaneesa Wang

Vanessa Wang

Senior Associate, LLB

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Whether it be the breakup of a marriage, a tense parenting situation, or some other family law matter. We help our clients to feel the relief of having a fair and dependable advocate on their side at all times.

Legal Know How


With more than twenty years of successfully representing clients, we’ve gained a deep understanding of the divorce process. We use our knowledge and experience to analyse all the factors in your case and make sure you understand what to expect through each step of the legal process.

Cost Containment


At Chatswood Family Lawyers, we are aware of this issue and provide our clients with cost–saving measures. Our hourly rates and retainer fees for family law cases are fair and economical, and we will always be up–front about the costs associated with your case.



We are one of the top family law firms in the North Shore, Greater Sydney and its environs. We understand that the end of a relationship can feel challenging but it doesn’t need to be impossible. We have the experience to deal with the legal practicalities and a wide network to whom we can refer you for any other needs, including counselling, family therapy or financial advice. We have the legal tools you need.

We are one of the most experienced family law practices on the North Shore of Sydney, if not Sydney itself. We are well respected and highly regarded with a wide network of referrers from many different parts of the community. Whether you need assistance in a property settlement or in addressing issues surrounding children, child support or spousal maintenance or there has been family violence in your relationship, we have the knowledge, background and specialist understanding of family law to help you.

Family law matters are often very sensitive and challenging. Rarely are they easy for you personally. We see it as part of our role to support our clients through every stage of the process which will usually be a pathway of resolution through negotiation and/or mediation. In some particular cases, a client will experience a level of involvement with a Court. Whatever the pathway, we have the necessary skillset to handle your matter.

With the principal firm having been established in 1938, the breadth of legal experience and knowledge of our lawyers at Chatswood Family Lawyers is substantial and that is what enables us to provide exceptional services to our clients in their family law matters. Within this site, you will find out more about us and in particular, who we are and what we do. The most you may ever need to know about us however, is that we have been around for a very long time, we are very good at what we do and we are well-respected and highly regarded for providing our services in an effective yet accessible manner.


We are recognised as accredited specialists in family law by the Law Society of NSW. In order to obtain that accreditation, our lawyers were required to undergo a rather rigorous examination process to ensure that they have gained an in-depth understanding of the Australian family law system. Our principal solicitor, Damian Phair, has his Masters in Family Law, is a Family Law Accredited Specialist and has more than twenty years experience in representing his clients in their complex family law matters. At Chatswood Family Lawyers, we can confidently say that we use our knowledge and experience to analyse all factors within your case to build a strong legal strategy that is specific to your personal goals and to make sure that you understand what to expect through each step of the legal process.


Your happiness and children are priceless but we understand that the reality is that legal costs are often one of the most concerning factors in your family law matter. At Chatswood Family Lawyers, our experienced Family Law Accredited Specialists are aware of this issue and accordingly, we provide our clients with costs-saving measures. Our hourly rates and retainer fees for our family law cases are fair and economical and we will always be up-front about the costs associated with your case.


We are here to help you succeed and protect what you value most.

Is there a Duty of Disclosure?

Is there a Duty of Disclosure?

Both parties to a marriage or de-facto relationship have a positive duty to provide full and frank disclosure of information relevant to an issue in their case.

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Can My Child Decide Who They Want to Live With?

Can My Child Decide Who They Want to Live With?

A frequent question many of our clients ask is “Can my child decide who they want to live with?” Unfortunately, the answer is not clear cut and your child’s wishes are just 1 of 16 factors considered by the court in determining the best interests of your child.

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Domestic Family Violence & Separation

Domestic Family Violence & Separation

Domestic and family violence is a serious social issue that affects everyone in a family – children, parents and other members of the extended family and the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia take family violence very seriously.

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