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The Best Family Law Advice That You Will Ever Hear From Your Solicitor

The Best Family Law Advice That You Will Ever Hear From Your Solicitor

Usually you won’t bother engaging a divorce lawyer or family law firm until you are entangled in a divorce however if you look at the statistics where 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce then it would be prudent to obtain that family law advice early. You would then be able to avoid many issues that may cause a high conflict separation.

Commencing a relationship

Attending on a family lawyer at the commencement of the relationship is far from anyone’s thoughts given that things are going well with your new partner and the thought of a future high conflict divorce seems devoid of logic.

However, when parties are amicable, this is the very time that you should seek to try to come to an agreement in the event that there is a breakdown of a relationship. You can do this at the commencement of the relationship in order to protect your assets and to avoid a high conflict separation in the event that there is a breakdown through a binding financial agreement which is also known as a ‘pre-nup’.

When you are getting a divorce

If you are already getting a divorce or have broken up or likely to break up then there are some really important tips on what you should definitely do.

  • You should attend on a divorce lawyer who can advise on your rights and responsibilities and provide you with some options.
  •  You should try to communicate your expectations in marriage and divorce which is sometimes difficult to impart directly to your spouse and may be better fostered through a mediator and family law dispute resolution.
  • You need to ensure your children’s well-being and that they are put first in any separation. Many children may not understand why you and your spouse are getting divorced and it will be a very difficult time for them to transition into a separated family.
  •  It is important that you do not make negative or disparaging comments about your spouse including on the internet or social media or speak to them poorly in front of the children. This reflects poorly on you and may also negatively impact you if your case proceeds to Court.
  • You need to keep in mind that this is a business transaction and that you need to get all of your finances in order and have your bank accounts, assets and liabilities tabled so as to present them to your spouse in trying to reach an amicable settlement. In that regard, you should also try to anticipate your expenses with the knowledge that you will probably have to spend money on expenses which were formerly joint expenses and now solely payable by you. This will give you a clear understanding of your financial capacity and any money that you might need in order to form your legal costs and the costs of the separation.
  • You should do your research when lawyering up to ensure that your lawyer is a Family Law Accredited Specialist and has experience in family law.
  •  You should document all forms of abuse because this is important in the Court’s decision on who is responsible for the children, where the children live and the overall financial settlement of the case. Further, you may require an Apprehended Violence Order for you and the children if you believe that you are in danger prior to or as a result of the separation process.


The above information is general family law advice. If you need individualised family law advice, please contact our Family Law Accredited Specialist at Chatswood Family Lawyers on (02) 9412 4500 for a free 15 minute consultation today.